Earlier this year, Auckland Mayor, Phil Goff, set up a Housing Taskforce, to “identify barriers and constraints to building new homes in Auckland at a speed and scale needed to meet the demand caused by population growth”.  Composed of “developers, builders, bankers, economists, architects and central and local government officials”, the Taskforce has just published its short (47 page) report, which includes a number of recommendations to Council and central Government.

Considered by commentators to be revolutionary and ‘worthy of close consideration‘, it includes analysis of the market in Auckland, consideration of costs and how they can be reduced across the city, as well as a raft of recommendations throughout the report, which Council will need to vote on, with or without the support of the broader government.

Have a look and see what you think: it may yet have a big impact on our suburb.

As Simon Wilson, the writer of the article in The Spinoff notes:

“At the launch of the report taskforce member Stuart Shepherd, an economist and infrastructure specialist, suggested that construction should focus on the areas where “the most homes can be built the soonest”.

“Does that make sense? On the face of it, yes. But how does it impact the Unitary Plan? Shepherd says it doesn’t change the overall focus on building a denser city, but is a “sequencing issue”. He means that if it’s easier to build in new greenfields areas on the far-flung edges of the city, good, do it now, and come back to the more complicated issues of putting more housing into the inner suburbs at a later date.

“That seems, at best, naive. It will always be easier to build where there are no nimby objections, but the outcome, if that’s all that happened, would be a sprawling blighted housing wasteland. The council has to engage in the hearts-and-minds battle about why a denser city will be a better city for everyone and there’s no good time to have that battle except now. It needs to be waged today, and tomorrow and the day after that.”

Written by Anne