Please find, attached, the full detailed submission which the Grafton Residents Association has given as feedback to AT on its proposed parking changes for the suburb.

GRAfton Residents’ Association Submission on Grafton Parking Changes

The Grafton Residents Association welcomes the parking consultation as a means to address the significant issues residents face. In general, the GRA supports the proposal in principal, but with significant changes. We do not believe the proposal can deliver on any of the benefits claimed in its current form. Earlier consultation and feedback has been ignored for an off the shelf solution which is inadequate for Grafton’s needs.


A residential parking scheme must include all of the Grafton area and its residents as defined by the Association so that there are enough carparks in the pool to allocate. We respect the need for an allocation scheme and a carpark / permit ratio, and wonder why so much of the neighbourhood and available parking is being left out of the scheme. Many houses in the area have ‘no-parking’ restrictions immediately outside, and need a neighbouring road to park in.  We have no problem with the allocation scheme as proposed. However, in order to maintain the ratio while including more of Grafton’s residents, we propose:

  • Include Park Road in the green zone, (Boyle Cres to Carlton Gore Road metered parking, domain side of street) as well as its residents. This is what ARTA promised the residents of Park Rd in 2007-8 when all street parking was removed to make the Central Connector. Park Rd residents have been waiting almost a decade to be included in the Grafton parking scheme as promised, only to be left out.
  • Include Beckham Place in the green zone as well as its few eligible residences.
  • Include Grafton Road (including slip road) in the green zone, as well as its few eligible residences.
  • Include Arotau Place and western Carlton Gore Road in the green zone, as well as its few eligible residences.
  • Include Boyle Crescent in the green zone. It makes no sense to change the parking type/regime for 8 spaces on what is effectively the same road. (Glasgow Terrace)
  • Include Park Ave in the green zone and its pre-1944 residences. Residents parking on the front lawns of their buildings does not constitute ‘off-street’ parking. It currently has some ‘residents exempt’ parking. Introduce diagonal parking to increase the number of spaces available for the pool and to create a natural chicane to calm traffic. Introduce free motorcycle parking spaces for all.
  • Retain/restore some ‘residents only’ parking in Seafield View Road. We know that this is unusual but not unheard of. Emily Place has retained their residents only parking spaces. There are so few parks available on Seafield View Rd relative to the number of residents that the current shared regime has failed.


The GRA believes that the proposed pricing is wholly inadequate to achieve the expected benefits. With no time limits and pricing cheaper than all the commercial and hospital parking options nearby, Grafton will continue to be the all day park-and-ride it currently is, only paid instead of free. The AT app only exacerbates this, as people would not need to return to their vehicles to top up their time.

Auckland Hospital and Wilson’s Parking are both $4 for the first hour and the hospital is $18 for an 8 hour day. Charging $1 for the first hour and only $14 for an 8 hour day on Graftons’ streets will only convert Grafton into a revenue stream, it will not achieve the desired churn. AT’s own research shows that people are parking all day on our residential streets.

As it takes AT 12 months to effect pricing changes to parking, the GRA would like AT to invest in a proper pricing model constructed for our unique situation instead of using the cookie cutter rates developed for other areas.

We need either significantly higher prices or enforced time limits to achieve the desired churn.


There are three significant factors in Grafton that we believe AT has failed to consider with regards to hours. The 24/7 nature of the hospital, the businesses (e.g. call centre in Khyber Pass) that work on Saturdays, and the perpetual series of day/evening/weekend events that take place in the Domain and downtown that affect parking.Â

AT’s standard 8am-6pm hours are wholly inadequate to produce the required churn after hours. 

  • Grafton is a Park-and-ride for all major events at Eden Park via Grafton station
  • Grafton is a Park-and-walk for all major events in the Domain, which are significantly larger and of longer duration than those at Eden Park.
  • Grafton is a Park-and-ride for events taking place at the Tennis stadium, the Universities and the CBD.

Grafton needs a parking scheme as sophisticated as the one that currently surrounds Eden Park and this is not even mentioned in the proposal. The hours must be extended earlier and later during normal times as well as change/respond to events in the Domain. We propose an initial regime of 6am-8pm 7 days.


As mentioned already, the parking situation in Grafton is 24/7. Standard operating procedures are inadequate. The GRA would like to see paid restrictions in place 7 days.


The GRA supports the addition of a car share space on Carlton Gore Rd, while retaining the existing space on Park Ave.  Motorcycles and mopeds are a road-space-efficient alternative to cars for residents and commuters alike.  We would like free parking offered to both, through free motorcycle parking in Park Ave, and an additional 3 motorcycle resident permits offered to each household eligible for parking permits.


We support the addition of coupons to the residents parking scheme, as the lack of provision for guests and tradespeople in the current scheme causes problems.


Given that Grafton’s streets and carparks are non-standard, will vehicle-only enforcement be sufficient?  Providing visible permits means everyone knows if the scheme is working.


The GRA isn’t feeling particularly loved by AT and feels that many of the suggestions made at previous consultations with the association have been ignored in favour of an off-the-shelf solution.

We are concerned that with every tweak to pricing requiring a 12 month window to implement, few of our shared objectives are likely to be achieved.

We would like to institute some proper dialogue about the setup and the management of the parking scheme going forward.

Written by Anne