Where to now?

Auckland Council has made many positive changes to policy in recent times that will help us preserve our suburb’s uniqueness, but there is still work that needs to be done.

Take a look at how the Auckland Council’s newly approved Long Term Plan will affect our Community.

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Thoughts from Urban Planning Students

These opinions were provided by University of Auckland Urban Planning Students Josh Davies, Tom Caiger, Reina Kumar, Antonia McClean and Jun Tang in 2012.

Looking forward, the Grafton community, if it is to maintain its unique identity and characteristics, will be faced with its share of challenges and obstacles. As previously mentioned, as Auckland aims to become an increasingly intensified area in terms of population and housing, the residents of the Grafton community must do its part in protecting its heritage. With a rise in new residential buildings in the city limits being focused around the development of apartments, this objective threatens the identity of the Grafton community. As Auckland currently has a lack of heritage housing, Grafton is one of the few remaining areas within the city limits that shows of glimpse of Auckland’s residential history.

While Grafton is currently one of Auckland’s most pedestrian friendly areas, the promotion of alternative commuting options, through walking or bicycle as modes of transportation, will contribute to the health of both its residents and its physical environment. This can be achieved through limiting vehicular traffic on main roads and side streets and promotional campaigns.

Perhaps the greatest recommendation that can be made to the Grafton community as a whole is to encourage the continuing care that it has shown for its community. Through the strength of community champions such as the Grafton Residents Association, the interests and desires of the Grafton community will continue to be represented. It is through groups such as the Grafton Residents Association that the Grafton community has been able to maintain its rich and diverse heritage. In order for groups such as this one to grow and strengthen, it is essential that younger members of the community become active participants in the area, as they are both the present and future of the Grafton community. With a diversity of young people, from students to professionals living in the area, there is an abundance of skills and attributes in Grafton that could be put to use in terms of community development.

The future of Grafton, with its unique characteristics and heritage, is one that can be looked at with promise and interest. From an aerial perspective, the Grafton community has been able to maintain the majority of its natural form, despite the transition through growth and expansion in the neighboring communities of Auckland.