Action Grafton is the name of a group of residents in Grafton who are expressing concern with proposed Special Housing Areas in Auckland which have been designated as such under the Housing Accords and Special Housing Area Act 2013 (otherwise known as the HASHA Act).

We first became aware of the consequences of these developments when Auckland Council announced that it, with the housing developer Ockham Residential, would be building a high density apartment building on the corner of Grafton’s Huntly Avenue and Khyber Pass Road.

The building will have a total of 57 apartments, with 77 associated car parks, and will be 23.5 metres or 6 stories tall.

While the residents of the community understand the need for increased high density development in inner city Auckland, we believe that the proposed building will be inappropriate for the area for a number of reasons.

We are concerned about:
> the scale of the development in relation to nearby existing housing;
> the impact of this development on already difficult off-street parking;
> the possibility of accidents as more cars try to enter Khyber Pass Rd or illegally drive through the one-way section of Huntly Avenue into Grafton;
> pressure for Huntly Avenue to be opened up to two-way traffic, resulting in Grafton becoming gridlocked as traffic bypasses congested arterial routes.

As the apartment has been granted consent under the HASHA Act, the Council was not obligated to inform neighbouring properties of the development, and nor was it expected to take the concerns of the local community into consideration at any stage.

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For more information, contact Libby McLeay on email ( or call 021 99 33 09.