Do Business with a Local

Within the heart of Grafton, there are numerous businesses that offer their services to the residents of the area along with other members of the general public. With a variety of shops and services, located predominately on Park Road, residents have the ability to access and meet a wide range of their individual and collective needs.

Whether one needs to pick up milk at the local dairy or meet up with friends for an afternoon coffee, the local businesses of Grafton offer a range of services, eliminating the need to venture elsewhere. The presence of delicious takeaways and a local pharmacy also add to the amenity and convenience of the area.

One appealing aspect of the commercial sector of the Grafton community is that many of the businesses in the area are locally owned and operated, creating a sense of community and connection with Grafton. As many businesses have been in operation for decades, they are, apart from the services that they provide, an integral part of the history of the Grafton community.

Along with the commercial businesses located on Park Road, Grafton is also home to many businesses that are run out of the homes of local residents. Through the work of artists, business professionals, recreationists and tradesmen, Grafton is an area that boasts a wide variety of skills and attributes.

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