The Physical Geography of Grafton

As an area of rich physical features, the Grafton community was built upon a variety of natural physical elements. In its early history, Grafton was constructed upon a natural gully system, though the Southern and Northern motorways, which were constructed in the 1960s, have since replaced this.

Recent studies have shown that the majority of Grafton’s residential areas, along with its shops and commercial areas, fall within the cones of dormant volcanoes, which were believed to have erupted over fifty thousand years ago. While it was understood that volcanoes existed in areas such as Outhwaite Park and the Auckland Domain, new volcanoes have been found in both residential Grafton and within the area of the Auckland Hospital.

There are numerous benefits to housing being located in these types of areas as the soil is often very fertile and hardened landforms created through lava flows provide solid grounding for housing and development.

The Grafton area is also home to numerous trees and plants and garden’s, which add to the overall streetscape of the area. The encouragement of continued planting of Grafton area, in both individual residences and public areas, will contribute positively to the image of the community as a whole.

Points of interest in Grafton

This map shows the communities green spaces, community infrastructure, business community and visitor attractions:

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