City of Auckland 1867This is a selection of articles sourced by the GRA. f you have any articles about historical Grafton you would like to share, please contact us.

Article 1: Grafton Cemetery

Article 2: The story of Carleton Gore

Article 3: The Domain Gates

Article 4: Advertisement in The Aucklander, 1862

Article 5: Editorial, NZ Herald, 1908

Article 6: The Domain’s Castle, NZ Herald, 1994

Article 7: Forgotten Ancient Eruptions in Auckland, GNS, 2011

Article 8: The All Blacks & the Grafton Rugby Club

Article 9: Grafton Bridge

Article 10: Mother Aubert

Article 11: The history of Grafton Road

Article 12: The Outhwaite Family

Article 13: James K. Baxter in Grafton

Article 14: The Outhwaites and Bishop Pompallier

Article 15: The Boyle Crescent Community in the 1960’s

Article 16: The history of Auckland Hospital

Article 17: Von Tempsky in Grafton

Article 18: The history of the Domain

Article 19: The Domain Volcanoes

Article 20: The Domain Ecology

Article 21: The Amenities, Assets and Activities of the Auckland Domain

Article 22: Legalities associated with the Auckland Domain

Article 23: Grafton – 1980 to 2013

Article 24: The Grafton Medical School Mural