This is an advance warning that sections of Grafton will be able to put waste out for an inorganic waste collection in September.

Under the new rules, Auckland Council will only pick up inorganic rubbish from properties which have registered at least 12 days prior to the collection date. According to the Council webpage, the following guidelines apply:

  • Items for collection must be placed inside your property boundary. Put them as close to the property entrance as possible but not on the berm, kerb or footpath.
  • Items need to be outside, not in a carport, garage or shed. They must be easily accessible for our collectors.
  • Items must be ready for collection by 7am on the day of your collection.
  • Make sure items to be collected are clearly identified
  • We will only collect up to 1 cubic metre of inorganic material (approximately a small trailer load).
  • Items should be no heavier than 55kg, so our collectors can lift them.
  • We will not pick up prohibited or hazardous items. Find out what you can put out.
  • We will not pick up items from behind locked gates or from properties with unrestrained dogs.

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Written by Anne