Hello all, please see, below, the minutes of the June Grafton Residents Association meeting.

Held: Monday 12th June 2017, 7:00 pm

Location: Liberal Catholic Church Lounge, Corner of Claremont St and Carlton Gore Rd

Welcome: By the Chairperson

Present: Rick L (chair), Jacqui C, Kay O, Martin Dn (treasurer), Martin Dp. (committee)

Apologies: Dianne N, Libby M (secretary), Anne M


Agreed The minutes of the 13th March meeting.

The minutes of the AGM were not available (because of the computer programme they were recorded in). Action: Rick to resolve.

Agreed: The officers and committee as published on the website are a correct record of appointments at the AGM.

1. Auckland Domain Committee

Attended by Rick, and will be attended by Rick and Dianne. GRA is a stakeholder with a right to speak. The committee is comprised of city councillors.

Rick spoke about illegal parking in the Domain.  A resolution passed to get Auckland Transport (AT) to enforce parking ban on the grass.


  • Discussion held, and ATEED reps were present: the organiser of the Lantern Festival was there.
  • GRA asked ATEED to follow the same standards for the Lantern Festival as for the Coca Cola Xmas, particularly with regards to clean up in surrounding streets.
  • Other major events are coming up, as for previous years
  • Suggestion that GRA send reminders about our needs before events.

2. Residents Parking (RP)

Rick met with AT officers.  AT will try to do the RP consultation in July, it requires approval by the governing body. [Update: see the item on the consultation here]


  • Issue will be about who is eligible for parking permits. A map of GRA membership was given to AT.
  • The historic agreement that Park Rd residents would be included was communicated.

Discussed: that GRA will respond to the consultation on parking when it happens, and intends to do so with a united voice.

Members please note:  it is important that parking and other complaint job numbers are sent through to the secretary (Libby), so that GRA has a picture of the issues people are communicating to Council and AT about.

Agreed: that we proceed with a Local Government Information Request for all Council organisation resident communications’ jobs regarding Grafton. (Martin Dp)

3. Vision

Libby and Martin Dn, alongside Local Board officers, have progressed work towards obtaining council funding for consultation towards a Grafton Vision document. This document is particularly useful for planners.  A draft agreement for the project will be communicated to the committee soon.

Discussed: there is an old agreement with Auckland Council that is legally binding (MOU), that may already cover some of the proposed scope of the vision.

Agreed:  GRA to source and publicise this agreement. (who to action?)

Discussed: The boundaries of GRA membership, Grafton suburb, and the “Area of Concern / Influence” of GRA. No decision made, and membership area was left on the table for the next meeting. (Chair)

Air Quality:

An agreement was also made with Council about this, including that buses would be to a EU standard.

Agreed: to write to council and ask for this agreement. (Secretary?)

4. Auckland Museum/Wintergarden

One Wintergarden glasshouse will close in October for earthquake strengthening.  It will be the first of many Council buildings to do so.

The Earthquake Code addresses structure, not the potential for falling glass. Government grants are only to bring buildings up to a standard of the earthquake code, and will not consider glass.  Hence the strengthening may not make the building safe.

5. Grafton Hall

Residents in Seafield View Rd are still experiencing noise and shaking, to the degree that it is uncomfortable to be in the back yard.  Developers have not communicated with residents on these matters.

6. Waitemata Sewage/Stormwater Overflows

The issue is Auckland-wide, and therefore needs regional stakeholders to engage with the Council organisations involved.

Agreed: That GRA join the coalition. On the basis that they are doing a lot of work on this and we wish to support there being residents with a right to engage on the issues. (secretary)

7. Local Board Budget

Please make submissions by June 30th (all residents)

8. General Business:

a. K (Karangahape) Road consultation:

The report is out. (It can be found here: https://at.govt.nz/projects-roadworks/karangahape-road-enhancements).

The substantial plan is going ahead, including:

  • protected cycle lanes on both sides of K Rd, except for shared path approaching Symonds St.
    • It does not mention closure of the Symonds St on-ramp.
  • the removal of the nikau palms on K Rd so that cycle lanes to fit/or to be kept straight.

Further consultation is to be made on design features, so residents can submit on that.

Note also submissions open for Tamaki Drive cycle lanes by Sunday 18 June 2017 (above link)

b. NZTA rule change on speed limits.

Proposal that submissions may be made on by 5pm, Friday 16 June, 2017.

Includes norms of 50, 60, 80, 100 with NZTA able to give permission for 70, 90 and 110.

(Martin’s submission below attempts to build support for 50 km/hr to be replaced by 40 or 60 depending on actual road design and use: please see the bottom of this post for further details)

c. GRA Ordinary Meeting Dates and Times

Agreed: The next two meetings will be 7pm at the Liberal Catholic Church on the second Monday of each month:

  • Monday July 10th, and
  • August 14th .

People can submit to or attend those meetings to change future meeting days and times.

d. GRA Boundaries

The membership is set geographically by the constitution.

Discussion: regarding the differences between Area of Influence/ Interest and members’ residences

Left on the table for discussion at the next meeting (chair)

9. Treasurer’s Report

Membership subscriptions of $20 per household, as set at the AGM, are now due.

Please bring cash to next meeting or transfer to account 123024 0491725 00

Assigning Signatories

Agreed:  That the signatories for the Bank account in the name of the Grafton Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc be: Martin Dickson, Jacqui Callaghan, Dianne Northcott, Susan Cathersides (current signatory)

The meeting finished at 8:40 pm


Martin D submission to NZTA rule change:

PROPOSAL 6: Approval from the Transport Agency is required before an RCA may set a speed limit of 70 km/h on a road.

PROPOSAL 7: Require an RCA to notify the Transport Agency of any proposal to set a speed limit of 70 km/h, 90 km/h, or 110 km/h, or a variable speed limit.

Yes.  However, I strongly support that the speed limit structure is 40, 60, 80, 100 (and 110).

The reason for this is the clear evidence of injury to pedestrians and cyclists at 50 km/hr.  Local residential streets need to provide for vulnerable road users. 60km/hr should only be set when the road meets certain standards, such as a median strip or pedestrian crossing/refuge every 100m and left lanes wide enough to accommodate cycles.

This could be easily achieved by having a rule that urban roads without a centre line are 40 km/hr and with a centre line (and meeting requisite standards) are 60 km/hr unless otherwise signposted.

Written by Anne