Hi everyone – it feels weird to be saying this, but after years of posting stuff up online, it’s time to say goodbye!


It’s been awesome to communicate with so many of you about your concerns and ideas for our community, many of which have come to fruition, which has been really cool to witness.


Online is not disappearing for the GRA; but there will be a different management structure from 1st May who may have a different way of communicating from now on.


They’ll no doubt be in touch, but I just wanted to say – thanks for all your feedback, ideas, suggestions and engagement over the years!


I’ve been acting as Chair of the GRA as well, of course, over the past 18 months. Different ballpark. But we’ll come to that later…!


Bye for now,


Jacqui Wilkinson

GRA, resigning Chair – or whatever you are supposed to refer that as

Written by Anne