Auckland Council are currently asking for feedback (to be placed before the 13th of May) on two parts of the Domain.

1. The ‘Kari Street Commons’

Described on the Shape Auckland Consultation page as “the former Kari Street Nursery”, at the bottom of the Domain towards the Stanley Street Tennis Centre, the area has been identified for ‘redevelopment as an “active recreation area, that can also be used as an event space”.  The site continues: “We are designing a concept plan and would like input from park users, local community, schools and individuals about the type of activities they would like to see take place at the Kari Street Commons.”

2. Auckland Domain ‘natural playspace’

Another consultation on the Shape Auckland site is that of a ‘natural’ play area close to the Duck Pond, centred on the split Pohutukawa tree there. The consultation is seeking discussion on ‘the style and type of play you would like to see in the design’.  Please see the discussion document for suggestions, and common ‘ingredients’ in a natural playspace.

Written by Anne